Located in the southwestern portion of the state, Esmeralda County has an estimated present population of 827, consisting of proximately 409 households. It ranks 17th in Nevada for Annual Median Household Income (AMHI), at $28,811 per household. In 2017 the county ranked 17th in total population among Nevada’s seventeen counties. Esmeralda County has no incorporated communities. Its county seat is the Census Designated Place (CDP) of Goldfield. Goldfield is the only defined housing market area within the county and the remainder of the county includes those areas outside Goldfield. Notably, Goldfield is approximately 30 miles from basic services such as grocery shopping and medical facilities. The nearest services of this type are available in the town of Tonopah located to the northeast of Goldfield in neighboring Nye County.

While the employment base in the county totaled approximately 628 jobs in 2015, Esmeralda County employment grew by 53.8% between 2001 and 2015. This compares favorably to a 19.2% employment increase statewide over the same period and is attributed predominately to an increase in mining activity during this period of time. While employment in Esmeralda County fell during 2009, it has increased significantly since then, resulting in a 64.3% growth during the past five-year period. Area characteristics indicate 59.0% of area workers are employed in the private sector. Local government makes up the next largest employment base at 31.1%, and persons who are self-proprietors, state government workers or are otherwise self-employed account for the balance of the County’s employment base.

County Seat: Goldfield County Seat

Esmeralda and its Housing Markets



Median Household Size


Median Age


Median Household Income


Housing Units

The following summarizes the distribution of homeowners versus renters among the total housing units in all areas.

Total Units

Goldfield 160
Remainder of County 249
All Areas 409



Goldfield 74.4%
Remainder of County 70.3%
All Areas 71.9%

Estimated Occupied Units

The following summarizes the distribution of homeowners versus renters among the estimated occupied units in all areas.

All Renters

All Homeowners

Estimated Renter-Occupied Units


Estimated Owner-Occupied Units


Median Gross Rent


Median Housing Value


Median Rental Year Built


Median Owner Year Built


Percent Overburdened


Percent Overburdened


Overburdened Households

The following summarizes the number of households in all areas paying 30% or more of annual income toward housing costs. These households are considered overburdened.

Total Units

Goldfield 97
Remainder of County 146
All Areas 243



Goldfield 71.8%
Remainder of County 71.4%
All Areas 71.6%
Percentage Age 65 and older

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